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Unexplained Infertility or Struggling to Conceive? READ THIS...

Raise your hand if conceiving a child is wayyyyy harder than you thought it would be.

You're supposed to just stop with the contraception, up the amount of sex you have and WHAM! You're pregnant right?! Or maybe not...

Unexplained infertility is more common than you think (I've had 3 women walk in with issues in just the last month alone and the path to discovering why you can't conceive is really tough because there can be so many factors at play.

So here's another way to look at your body that may have you interested in getting your body checked by an Organic Chiropractor.

What if I told you that yours and your partner's current state of NERVE SYSTEM FUNCTION within your body is a significant factor in how easily you can conceive.

Think about how your body works for a second...

Your brain communicates to your body through your spinal cord and through your wires, know as nerves.

If the signals that pass through the spinal cord and into the nerves and back again to go up to your brain are travelling at full power, we can predict that function within your body will be high.

Based on this, we can also predict that if we have areas of low power or blockage within the nerve system, it will slow down how well your brain is communicating all function in your body.

When we zoom in more closely to how that could relate to reproduction, think about how your brain tells those areas how to work...

Your brain co-ordinates what happens each month when a woman releases an egg and the subsequent pattern that happens before reaching her menses. It also controls the amount of sperm released and the quality of each of those sperm cells.

Lifestyle factors absolutely influence this too, but with the right modifications and a clear nerve system, you really give the body its best hope of naturally conceiving.

What Do I Recommend...

My first recommendation to anyone struggling with unexplained infertility (and probably the easiest thing to do) is to get checked for core issues relating to their nerve system.

You just don't know if there are blockages contributing until you do.

Click HERE to find out more information about how we work as Organic Chiropractors to restore full brain to body communication.

Additionally, here's 4 EASY things to do RIGHT NOW to improve your fertility:

1. SWITCH TO A MORNING SMOOTHIE. Ditch the bread, cereal or porridge first thing in the morning. It’s high in sugar and produces systemic inflammation in the body, which is the exact opposite of what you want during pregnancy.

You need a breakfast that gets your body awake and your hormones happy :)

The best way by far is to pack it in via a smoothie. Ideally, you want a variety of berries and greens to keep your antioxidants, iron and vitamin C levels high.

Stock up on blueberries/ blackberries/ raspberries, baby spinach/kale/ celery/ lettuce, agave/ stevia/ honey (if you need a bit of sweetness) and use an unsweetened (or homemade!) nut milk to get the fat content high like coconut/ hazelnut/ almond milk. Don’t forget make use of your spices cupboard too! Cinnamon or mint brightens up most smoothies fabulously. Our all time favourite smoothie is this carrot cake tasting one. You can just omit the protein powder from it if you like.

2. THINK ABOUT THE QUALITY OF THE FOODS YOU EAT. There is never a better time to spend the money on eating a diet full of fresh organic fruit and vegetables as well as grass fed meats when you are struggling with a particular health issue.

We ingest a wide range of toxins when we eat most foods off the shelf or in the Hawkers, which significantly disrupts our hormones, especially if we have not eaten healthily for many years. Just switching over to this whilst trying to get pregnant is really a very important factor.

3. SWITCH OUT OLIVE, CANOLA AND VEGETABLE OIL WHEN COOKING. Switch to coconut or avocado oil. Once heated, these oils become unstable and release horrible free radicals within the body that disrupt our cell healthy. Healthy happy cells equal healthy, happy bodies :)

Just a side note...Pack in the olive oil when using it cold on salads though. It’s only the process of heating it that makes it unhealthy for the body.

4. NO MORE TABLE SALT. Take himalayan crystal salt or sea salt instead.

There are over 70 minerals in those over the standard table salt! Table salt is frankly a chemical stress on the body and of no benefit at all when eaten.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy

- Dr Kylie xo

Organic Family Tribe Leader

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