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5 warning signs your Chiropractor SHOULD NOT be seeing your child

If you haven't already guessed by now, Chiropractors like myself and Dr Caitlin are HUGELY passionate about helping babies and kids.

Having the opportunity to lay our hands on one of the most pure and innocent beings on the planet is truly one of the most rewarding things in life.

BUT NOT ALL CHIROPRACTORS DO SEE, OR SHOULD BE SEEING BABIES. In fact, we actually look after a bunch of babies and children in Singapore whose parents are Chiropractors!

Just like medical doctors, some of us like to specialise in different areas based on additional training that we complete outside of our normal curriculum.

A cardiovascular surgeon would help someone with heart issues and not gut issues, a Chiropractor trained in pediatrics will be highly specialised in helping babies and children more so than a Chiropractor specialised in athletes who are recovering from a sports injury.

All Chiropractors want to do good in the world, I genuinely believe that, but if a Chiropractor wants to see babies and children, then they need to have the adequate training and experience required in order to do so.

So if you decide to seek out a Chiropractor for your child, please please PLEASE ensure that you seek out the right KIND of Chiropractor.

To help you figure out if you have, here's 5 easy warning signs that you should know that tells you they are NOT trained well enough to look after your child...

#1 They try to 'crack' your baby's neck. No baby should have their neck cracked. If someone cracks your baby's neck on purpose, do not return to that office and please let us know.

#2 They do not take the time to discuss your pregnancy, the birth or your child's health since they were born.

All children under the age of 2 should be checked for specific signs that their body is not developing in the way that it should do. A child cannot tell us where they feel pain or why they struggle to sleep. It is our job as specialists to listen out for and to watch for signs of abnormal function that help us figure out what is happening with your child's health and function.

#3 They do not do a comprehensive exam that incorporates physical, orthopaedic, tonal and neurological reflex testing of your child.

Your Chiropractor should carry out a LOT of tests and go through with what they found before you decide if your child should undergo care or not.

If they do not do adequate testing, they may well be missing out on key signs to your child's health that could cause significant issues later.

#4 They should have a clear plan of care for your child that incorporates re-checking of any tests that flagged up as abnormal in the initial assessment.

This ensures that your child is regularly checked to assess if that they are responding as expected to the initial care plan recommendation.

#5 They need to have attended an accredited university and to have undergone specific training post graduation or supplemental to their degree in Chiropractic Pediatrics.

All Chiropractors graduate university knowing how to help adults, but not all universities offer additional training in helping babies and kids.

I hope that helps you figure out if your Chiropractor is the right one for your little one!

- Dr Kylie xo

Organic Family Tribe Leader

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