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Encouraging Language Development in Toddlers

Language acquisition is such a fascinating subject! From the very first word to full sentences, it is simply exciting to watch your toddler’s language flourish. Most children begin to form words around 15 months and by 18 months most can say about 50 words.

Some children develop language faster or slower than others. When children don’t develop proper language skills at the same rate as other children their age, they may have speech delays or language impairments and this can be related to a number of different things.

Children could have problems hearing which can affect their speech or they may have issues with their tongue being unable to form different sounds or words. Its important to know when a speech delay is part of a bigger issue and when it’s just something that will easily come with a little more time.

Speech therapy is a great option for helping children learn to develop letters, sounds and speech. But sometimes a child’s ability to speak may not be progressing as it should, even with help from a speech therapist. There are others options to help a child with speech delays, including one that you may not have thought of: chiropractic care!

There is a link between the brain and the spinal cord that can be associated with speech delays. As you may know, when the nervous system is functioning optimally, your body is functioning optimally as well. However, blockages in the nerve system can cause nerve signalling disruptions leading to miscommunication between the brain and the spine which creates chaos in the body. These abnormalities can affect speech, motor (movement) function, and the overall health and development of children.

Chiropractic adjustments clear the blockages on the nerve system to restore its proper function.

The upper part of the neck is a critical area to every function of the body. The Autonomic nervous system (think of it like an automatic system that happens without conscious control) is controlled and regulated in the brainstem. If blockages are found at the top of the neck where the brainstem sits, this can interfere with normal function of the body including speech development. Once cleared, the nerve system can function as intended. We have had numerous kids in our practice with different developmental problems which improved addressing the nerve blockages found in this specific part of the spine. Scientists are finding out more and more about the relationship between a healthy spine and developmental disorders, making chiropractic a great option for helping your child to improve their speech.

If you’re worried about your child’s speech development, here’s 8 easy ways to promote your toddler’s language development:

  • Talk to your toddler a lot

  • Use clear, simple speech

  • Exaggerate letters and sounds around you

  • Expand on your toddle’s speech

  • Read together often

  • Use opposites while playing or reading

  • Ask your little one a lot of questions

  • If you can’t understand what your toddler says, ask him to repeat it

If you have on-going concerns and want to see if Chiropractic could help your child just contact us at 8112 3644.

Yours in Health,

- Dr Clara xo

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