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Live with Abundance!

The brain is a funny and fascinating thing!

It has the ability to make you feel AMAZING and it can just as quickly make you feel the opposite.

But How?

Because your mind controls your thoughts and your thoughts create your reality. Yes, it’s that simple.

Learning how to cultivate a positive mindset is the most powerful tool you can possess because you can direct you thoughts, actions and emotions which will give you the ability to control how you experience life.

The crazy part is that your mindset starts to shape itself from a very young age, without you even realising it. Your upbringing, your experiences, what you’re taught, where you grow up, your environment… all those factors will impact your mindset because they reinforce the pathways within which your brain will think, interpret, perceive, assess, and then react and respond to any situation that you may face.

What mindset do you have?

Are you coming from a mindset of abundance or scarcity?

In all honesty, daily life may feel like a constant competition – HBL for the kids, joggling chores and taking care of your newborn, cooking, cleaning, while wanting to take time for yourself.

With an attitude of abundance and growth, especially right now with the current Circuit Breaker in place, you will find yourself in a situation based on a positive, empowering, inspiring and solution-oriented thought process where you can continue to grow.

The focus can also be on what you have to offer others and how we can help each other.

But just like so many other things in life, if you can just live from a sense of knowing who you are, knowing what you want and knowing what success means to you, you can have anything you want.

There is plenty of money, plenty of love and plenty of time for everyone.

Life is not a competition and you should not be concerned about missing out on something because someone else has it. Not everyone is wishing or dreaming for the same things, you don’t have to worry about taking something from anyone else.

By attracting abundance to yourself, you are not limiting someone else but you are expressing your true values.

Over the next few days, observe your thoughts and actions to see which mindset comes up more often.

An abundance mindset will get you to your ideal life much faster than a scarcity mindset.

Yours in Health,

- Dr Clara xo

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