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The Organic Family Collective

Chiropractic Care will always be the very roots and foundation of our practice and so the eponymous name remains, but our branches grow to allow us all to flourish.


A team of carefully curated practitioners here to ensure every element of your life is nourished.


Amy Carrurthers

Intuitive Life Coach

- I am here to bring more YOU to life. 

Amy is an intuitive life coach who uses a combination of conversation, journaling, and energetic and body-based practices to support gentle self-enquiry, compassion and empowerment so that you can stop living the life you think you 'should' and start living the life you choose.

Her work in the coaching and holistic space started over a decade ago when she began a career in children and young people's services.

Initial consultations with Amy are 90 minutes in length with an exclusive discount of £20 for practice members. 

Reach out to us via WhatsApp/ Message on 07720293414 for more information.

Jules Blanch 


Craniosacral Therapist

- You gentle yet supremely profound non-invasive treatment to restore your body.


Craniosacral Therapy is perfect for those who prefer the 'as light as possible' touch to healing as they can get!

Jules chose to initially train in the McTimoney Chiropractic Technique in 1998.


During the many treatments she gave in the subsequent years, she started to feel rhythms under the skeletal structure, which sparked her curiosity so then started researching other disciplines that had more holistic and energetic focus.

She then qualified as as Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist in 2011 and her passion and love of this technique has only grown since then.  


Jules loves the way that craniosacral therapy allows her to work with the very deep emotional, energetic and physical structures of the body to help restore the body in a way that works to restore true vitality to ones life and help peel back the layers that have been created through time.

Sessions with Jules are 45 minutes in length and can be booked by contacting us via WhatsApp/ Message on 07720293414

Lottie Keble

Pilates Movement Specialist

- We only have one true home, and that is our body, live it well.

Lottie Keble is an Advanced Matwork and STOTT Reformer Pilates Movement Specialist with key interest in pre and postpartum core and pelvic floor.

Lottie can work both virtually and in person with you to allow flexibility around reaching your fitness and movement goals. 


She offers exclusive rates for OFC members separate for her usual ones. 

Reach out to us via WhatsApp/ Message on 07720293414 for more information.

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