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The Organic Family Collective

Chiropractic Care will always be the very roots and foundation of our practice and so the eponymous name remains, but our branches grow to allow us all to flourish.


A team of carefully curated practitioners here to ensure every element of your life is nourished.

Amy Carrurthers

- I am here to bring more YOU to life. 

Amy is an intuitive coach who uses a combination of conversation, journaling, and energetic and body-based practices to support gentle self-enquiry, compassion and empowerment so that you can stop living the life you think you 'should' and start living the life you choose.

Her work in the coaching and holistic space started over a decade ago when she began a career in children and young people's services.

Book a FREE, 30-minute 1:1 self-care / connection session.

Shauna New

Lottie Keble

- We only have one true home, and that is our body, live it well.

Lottie Keble is an Advanced Matwork and STOTT Reformer Pilates Movement Specialist with key interest in pre and postpartum core and pelvic floor.

She will join the Collective with a 6-week rolling Core Focus Matwork Pilates program available to all those who want to strengthen and empower their bodies.

Open to groups of 4, sessions run on Mondays at 11am and 12pm. Do call our lovely reception to find out more and reserve your space.

- You're already on your way; I'll meet you where you are.

Shauna New MSW, MNCS Accred is the founder of Willow & Thyme Therapy, a walk and talk Psycotherapist Practice that aims to offer a supportive and confdiential environment to help you navigate transitions in your life.


As part of the Collective, Shauna will be offering face-to-face sessions on Thursday mornings onsite in the Replenishment room.

If you'd like to learn more, please book a FREE 30 minute initial phone or video consultation.

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